About John


Artist Statement


A striving for composition, color, and story often influences the subject that I choose to paint. The lay of the land and its under-the-surface geology adds to my understanding of topographic gesture, appearance of vegetative patterns, and flow of the landscape.

Winds, seasons, textures, the flight of birds, balance imbalance, gravity, drainage, the ebb and flow of tides and shorelines; the interconnectedness of all things. The slow but constant shifting of the Earth’s crustal plates. These all interest and fascinate me, and I think of these things as I sketch and paint.

Cartooning and animation have been a natural part of my life, allowing me to bring a sense of humor into illustrations, t-shirt designs, and ceramic sculptures. I have my family background with Walt Disney Studios to thank for this inspiration.

I’m honored to share my life with my gifted wife, Chris Chapman. We’ve shared many painting adventures together, including our time as Preserve Managers from 2001 – 2005 at the Arroyo Hondo Preserve for the Land Trust for Santa Barbara County. There we were able to combine our love of Nature, Painting, and Interpretation with like-minded visitors, volunteers, and professionals.

— John Iwerks

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